Baby noises!
I forgot to post earlier – these are the noises without the valve. He is getting so good at chirping along without the valve, that at the pediatrician’s office today, when he cried, he actually made a crying noise. We were all speechless. And then we all cried, too!

13 thoughts on “Baby noises!

  1. Kari, I just can’t get over how healthy and big and strong and NORMAL he looks given what he’s dealing with. I mean, you year “trach” and you think he must be lying around on pillows all the time, all sickly and weak. And for pete’s sake, he looks like any kid!
    The baby noises ROCK.


  2. Awesome sounds – loving how he is putting the phone in his mouth! Just a thought – have you thought about contacting a Speech Pathologist in your area that works with trach babies?


  3. oh Yay oh Yay Oh YAY!
    What wonderful noises!
    So is that with or without the “balb”?
    Thank you, thank you for posting this!
    It is simply amazing!
    Oh, now I’m all teary.


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