come on ride the train
might want to hold your breath, though
in a polite way

wee-er one has been potty-trained for a while now. It's still new
enough, though, that she marvels at it from time to time. "You know,
mommy, I poop in the potty now," she'll remind me. "I am a potty train."

potty train?" I reply. "Does that mean you go chugga chugga chugga
chugga pooooo pooooo!" I laugh, but am only rewarded with a roll of the

"You are a superstar pooper," I say, trying again. She
smiles. "A Pooperstar, if you will," I say, pushing it too far (so to
speak). Again I get the eye roll.

I guess even when you're three your mom's puns are lame.

2 thoughts on “Pooperstar!

  1. Pooperstar! My daughter told me she is a super duper pooper today and that toilets are not for pee pee or poop…just for toots. Okey dokey then.


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