Making a change?

I've been thinking about the blogs people have that are all about their perfect lives. "Today I wove rose petals into my daughter's hair and she loved it so much that she rewarded me by staring lovingly into my eyes for five minutes and then cleaning the kitchen. I know she's only three, but she just loves to clean the kitchen! After that, my oldest son went with a friend to cook meals for the homeless, while my youngest son was honored at banquet for gifted infants. My husband and I were able to steal away for a few moments to experience glorious sex in our spotless bedroom. I'm so happy to be able to cook this pan-seared pork tenderloin with chipotle cranberry chutney for my family tonight. It's such a quickie recipe, it leaves me time to bake that fat-free cake and knit a sweater for my elderly neighbor."

You know those blogs.

Maybe I should change mine into one like that. Only write about the amazing things, never talk about things like how, when I shower, 2/3 of my hair falls out and then seems to instantaneously grow back silver.

The problem is, if I converted the blog to All Awesome, All the Time, it would sound like, "Today I… uh… didn't have to go to the WIC office because my husband went for me." or "Today I was only shat on once." or "Today I suctioned a trach and didn't get any secretions on my hand."

Just not the same.

But that's OK.  One day the kids of the people who have the perfect blogs will write tell-all books and we'll finally find out the truth. My kids will never have to write a tell-all book because I blab everything already.

Actually, I'm not sure if that is OK or not. But it makes blogging a lot less annoying.

10 thoughts on “Making a change?

  1. LOL. Hey, the people with those blogs merely lack your creative streak – they come up with cranberry chutney fictions while you’re working on Mike Stellar! I know which I’d rather have (or read). Een without complications like Ike’s, no parent of a small child actually has a life like that (well, possibly with several domestic servants…).


  2. And those perfect people are the ones you find a utter bore when you meet them in real life… Your blog is real, we cheer for you, we care about your kids, and we don’t roll our eyes after reading an entry (and by the way all my students love Mike Stellar!) .Leave those people to their perfect lives, we are gonna hang here in the real gritty world.


  3. Yeah, a blog like that would just remind me how lazy I am! Your blog reminds me there are tough and loving parents out there working hard through the fun and the difficult parts of life and… that I’m really kind of lazy….


  4. I’m pretty sure all that rosey and perfect crap is actually just one euphemism after another…son cooking meals for the homeless might have something to do with a crack pipe and a bridge for example. I’m just saying.


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