So much to learn

remember the bus?
hot, bumpy, full of bad kids
wee one learns so much

The wee one came home from school today with angry eyebrows.

"What's the trouble?" I asked, as he marched down the sidewalk from the bus.

"That kid I told you about called me an asshole of a horse!" [this is the same kid who apparently blew into the wee one's face when the wee one told him he has a brother at home who can't be around germs]

"Well, that's a very awkward insult, if you ask me. Lots of words."

[a glowering look]

"Did he get in trouble?" I ask.

"Yes! BIG trouble!"

"There you go. I'm sorry he called you that, but I'm glad you didn't retort." [pause] "Wait. Did you say anything back?"

"No!" He goes in the house and readies himself for the shower we make him take everyday after school (because we are crazy that way). "Hey, mom?"


"What's a 'dick'? Someone wrote something on the bus seat about some girl liking dick. Is that a person or a thing?"

And this is when I start to wonder… is riding the bus really worth it? Because ugh. If I wanted him to know about assholes and dicks, I would just let him read blogs.

7 thoughts on “So much to learn

  1. That’s just about enough to make one want to keep the children home 24-7 watching Mr Rogers and vintage Sesame for the rest of their lives.


  2. wow. i remember having a bus like that in first grade. why must the world undo all the work you’re trying to do!!! poor guy. just an FYI, but when i got sick of that busride a few days in i decided to walk home instead. without telling anyone. I said screw that torture, i’ll walk home along the highway! at age 6. yah. so, heads up!
    and ditto to h. above – LOL!


  3. They’re starting early. I didn’t see anything like that written on a bus seat ’til Jr. High 😛
    If you let the school know, I’d think they’d be able to clean it up or cover it up or something.


  4. George can ride the bus but I was scared to do it. Then I was thinking- why not? OK, so here is why not. Right here. The words asshole and dick. Yea, NOT.


  5. He should get all High Five Robot Hand on Scrappy McHorsehole.
    Dude. Not cool.
    (also, “Well, that’s a very awkward insult” just made me laugh and snort and almost-wake Oscar).


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