The Aporkalypse

We knew this would be a tough flu season, we just didn’t think it’d happen SO FAST.

Ground zero for the Aporkalypse? Apparently my house. Ike is positive for the flu. It’s not confirmed H1N1, but we’ve been told 98% of flu in Austin is of the swine variety.

He’s in the hospital right now. Last night we enjoyed a 911 call and a first class ambulance ride. Today, he’s choking down two different antivirals to see if that can help things.

We’re obviously really concerned about secondary infections and his respiratory status. He is breathing really really fast. Like if panting was on fast forward.

No fun.

Times like these make me wish I’d researched swine flu a little less.

14 thoughts on “The Aporkalypse

  1. hugs to you and ike and the rest of the clan. so sorry to hear that he’s most likely got “it”. does this mean he will be super-resilient and you don’t have to worry about another bout of Aporkalypse this year? I sure hope so. Damn evil bugs. Get better soon Ike!


  2. I’m sooo sad to hear this news!
    I also know Isaac is strong and resilient so I feel very hopeful!
    I’ll miss seeing him this week and getting my Ike “fix” but y’all will definitely be in my thoughts so know I’m rooting for you. love, Anne


  3. Oh geez. I am sorry sweet Ike might have swine flu. Damn aporkalypse. Poor sweet guy. I’ll be sending all the good thoghts we can muster to your little man. I hope it passes quickly and he’s back home in no time at all.


  4. Prayed. Praying. Sending good thoughts and will do a voodoo dance as well this evening. Cannot hurt. Hopefully he will fight this off quickly and be done with it. You can stop dreading it and he can begin recovering and get strong and fatter.


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