a cool, rainy day
brain tries to comprehend it
this requires noodles

So "requires" has two syllables, right? My southern heritage is telling me that it has three. I think my southern heritage is misleading me, so I'm sticking with two. But feel free to argue.

Anyway, hello cool weather! It was so chilly this afternoon that Ike-a-saurus was out on the porch, sitting on his nurse's lap, legs covered with a blanket, hocking loogies on the concrete. Just like an old man.

In my imagination, it could have been a scene from Annie. With Ike playing FDR, his nurse playing the wheechair, and with more loogies than I remember seeing in that movie.

Inspired by Ike's old man-ness, the cool weather, and my husband's hacking swine flu cough, I made some soup. Like actually made it – I chopped up carrots and celery and everything. What the what? I know! It was good, too, with chicken in it, and egg noodles. Also, there were some bones that I didn't manage to fish out, and I burned my finger, but overall it was a surprisingly successful foray into the kitchen.

It's hard to believe fall is here, and yet, it feels like it's been about a thousand years since last fall. In the beginning of October last year, I was going to the NICU everyday, scrubbing my hands and arms raw, and teaching a four-pound Ike-a-saurus to breastfeed.

I take back the thousand year thing. It feels like a MILLION years ago. And a million years before that was the last time I made soup.

It's nice to make soup again. It's nice to feel a cool breeze. It's nice to see lungs strong enough to splatter mucus on the ground. 

If Daddy Warbucks was here, I might even burst into song.

4 thoughts on “Soup!

  1. Actually, I think in the South ‘require’ would only have 2 syllables–but in the North, definitely 3. So we’ll just have to read it with an accent. 🙂
    And I’m impressed about the soup! I wouldn’t even know where to start if I tried to make soup–I think I’d end up with hot ham water. 😀


  2. I made a black-eyed pea stew-type-thing today! Shelled the peas and everything, while watching Pingu with G. Great minds obviously think alike!


  3. ‘Yesterday was plain awful.
    You can say that again?
    Yesterday was plain awful!
    But that’s,
    not now,
    that’s then!’

    ‘And if tomorrow,
    I’m an apple seller too:
    I don’t need anything anything anything….
    I Don’t Need Anything But You!’
    Damn, I love me some Annie.


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