Rite of passage

crumpled up money
face barely above counter
independent boy

I took the wee one to Game Stop today to buy a video game. He had his money out, knew which game he wanted, asked the clerk to help him find it, paid for it and was ready to leave before I could even get my bearings inside the store.

How have I spawned this confident kid? Not just confident, but grown-up. I can go through the archives of this blog and read about potty-training him. I can read about breast-feeding him. And now, he's marching through video game stores, all, "Excuse me, can you help me find Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii? Great. Thanks!"


Not only that, he comes home, masters the game and asks for some Tums for his sour stomach. He has gone from toddler to 65-year-old man with FTL speed.

In short: He is old, I am old, and I am never going to get a chance to play Rock Band again because Indiana Jones has taken over the Wii.

5 thoughts on “Rite of passage

  1. Love it. You’re doing exactly what all parents want to do… raising a sweet, confident, self-sufficient kid. Bravo Mama! (But I’m with you-it’s a little freaky when you start getting glimpses of the adult your kid is going to be).


  2. I think its a hard moment for moms, when their babies stop being babies. I see my 8 yo daughter growing in confidence, having a life and friends and things she likes to do independent of our little family circle and it makes me smile outwardly/weep inwardly. Knowing I will not be having any more babies again…<> You have a wonderful kiddo there. Grats, mom.


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