Just sitting here

baby on a train
aiming for the kitchen wall
a calm evening

Right now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching Ike-a-saurus chew on a toy drumstick. Best parent ever, I know. The wee-er one is wearing her bike helmet, my sparring gloves, no shirt and pj bottoms. The wee one is watching Star Trek (the new awesome movie) instead of doing his homework.

There is shit everywhere. But less than normal, which is weird, but OK.

I am sitting here my resting my damn foot that I dropped a damn jar of mayonnaise on two damn days ago, which not only still hurts, but has somehow created the mother of all bruises which has spread from my toes, up the side of my foot to under my ankle. It's like a bruise trying to be a Maori tattoo.

This was a good time to drop a mayo jar on my foot, though, because there is a lot of help around the house. My husband hasn't started his new job yet. Whew! When he starts, you guys, it is going to be CRAZY around here. He has a trip out of town coming up that's gonna last for approximately forever. We've been working frantically with the nursing agency to try to have day and night nursing for the entire time he's gone, but it's proving difficult because of the holiday season. Alas. I guess it will be a good boot camp, getting me back into the swing of being home "alone" (with Ike's nurse for 8 hours on most days, thank goodness) with the kids.

My foot and I are enjoying the calm before the storm. Well, I'm not so much enjoying the squished foot, but the calm is nice. Let's see if it lasts longer than the bruise.

One thought on “Just sitting here

  1. I love the word pictures you create of your family. The wee one cracks me up! And hey, I consider straws fantastic baby toys, so I think a drumstick is at least a step up from that!


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