And what a Friday it was…

blogging is writing
it should count for something, right?
no royalties, though

Today was a day. I blame it all on the blog post from Thursday, about how things were quiet and blah blah blah.

Ike-a-saurus had a weird thing this morning, where he kind of keeled over just before naptime. Like he fainted on the nurse's lap. No good. After a bit of oxygen, an extra breathing treatment, and a new trach, he seemed much better. But I am leery. And weary. After a flurry of phone calls, we didn't take him into the ER, but we did get a script for some Bactrim in case he has something weird brewing.

Then, the milk bank was out of milk. No good. They are so wonderful and fantastic over there, though, I just don't have enough super happy fun words to describe them. They have done SO MUCH for us, and have worked SO HARD to make sure Ike keeps getting breastmilk, it renders me nearly speechless. Today, even though they are pretty much out of milk for outpatients, they worked extra hard to have milk shipped to our doorstep tomorrow from a milk bank in California. Wonderful!

After that good news, I pressed my luck and called the Caremark pharmacy to see why the Synagis didn't show up yesterday (like it was scheduled). Synagis is the crazy monoclonal magic serum to help preemies avoid (or avoid a serious case of) RSV. Usually, you get this shot once every 28 days at the pulmonologist's office, but because we're under GERM LOCKDOWN, and because we have nurses at the house, we can get the synagis shot at home. If they deliver it. Which they weren't going to do, even though we had already called them and placed the order. No good part the third. So it was lucky I called to check on the delivery. "We don't have a record of that order" is something that will make a mama GO BATSHIT when she knows the order was placed weeks ago. There was a long pause and then "Will Monday be OK?" Yes. Monday will be fine.

Plus messages for the Cincy docs to see if they've seen the latest chest x-rays and growth charts and can give us a more specific date for our next trip up there. No call back yet.

Sometimes I wonder if we need an executive assistant around here to take care of all our day-to-day phone calls. Someone figure out how to get Medicaid to pay for a secretary to come to my house to take care of Medicaid. An ourobouros of bureaucracy. 

Now it is time for a snack. And a little whisper of thanks that tomorrow is Saturday and that the FedEx man will become a 21st century milkman. And that we didn't have to go to the ER. And that the Synagis is on its way.

Hey, Friday! Nice impersonation of Monday. If you do it again, though. I will kick your ass.

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