I think we might have a word!

little dude babbles
we love to hear his noises
the Balb is awesome

For the past few days, Ike-a-saurus has been wearing his PMV and dadadadadadaing up a storm. We all sort of stop and stare in awe. It's amazing and it's been a great distraction because we've been worried that he's getting sick. He had a weird baby fainting thing the other day, and has been sleeping a LOT. No fever, but the doc put him on some hard core antibiotics to try to ward off anything that might be brewing. This has put us on edge, obviously. Having a sick baby is the worst, but watching the sick barrel down on you like a freight train is even worse.

Well, so far, other than some abx-inspired barfing, he seems to be OK. Not only that, his language skills have EXPLODED over the past few days. So maybe the baby fainting and sleeping have been because his little brain was growing exponentially. You never know, right?

Tonight, he pretty clearly said the wee-er one's name and then pointed directly at her. What?! This from the baby with a trach – the baby who wasn't supposed to make any vocalizations until the trach was removed? Take THAT asshole doctors! I hope it wasn't a fluke. I hope he does it again soon, and over and over. I hope I haven't jinxed anything by blogging about it. It was a pretty exciting moment.

And why wouldn't his first word be his sister's name? He hears us hollering at her for, like, 16 hours a day! (Joking, sort of.)

Here he is babbling the other night. This time last year he was 5 pounds and snorting like goat. (Which we were very impressed with, too.)


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