Do you hear that? It’s snow falling. In your imagination.

South Austin Blizzard
blew through town about noon, and
out at 12:01

I was going to post about the huge snowstorm we had today. The most snow since 2006 – heck maybe even since 1985. Except that the snowstorm never came. Like a closeted prom date, it slunk off to Houston for some fun at beach, standing us up in all of our non-natural fiber glory. (note to self: must get a better winter coat. Second note to self: must write better analogies.)

We actually had NO snow. Very disappointing. Especially for the wee-er one who has been watching PBS' Caillou for months now. Caillou lives in Canada, so he does all of these weird and exotic things like play hockey and paint tobaggons. The wee-er one had a box picked out to be her tobaggon and everything. Alas.

There were a few blustery flurries, though, so that was still pretty exciting. Enough to run Ike-a-saurus and the wee-er one outside and have them gaze at the sky. Ike-a-saurus was incredibly amazed, and once we brought him inside, he continued to look up at the ceiling, as if expecting the flurries to follow us inside. I almost collapsed from the cuteness.

So no snow. Too bad. I guess we will stick with the packages of pink snowballs you can eat. We ARE in Texas after all. Who ever heard of snow as early as December? That's just crazy talk. I should have known.

5 thoughts on “Do you hear that? It’s snow falling. In your imagination.

  1. I’m going to go ahead and tell you that I hope Texas loses tonight… It increases the chances that the university of Cincinnati gets to the championship… Go nebraska!


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