sick sick

Taking a second to let you know that Ike-a-saurus is sick, sick. It was initially diagnosed as pneumonia, though the doctors at the big H disagreed and seem to have settled on atelectasis and a virus. We are home from the hospital but are debating going back.

Any good thoughts to spare, I will take them and sprinkle them on his little head.

Also, he has a black eye because I dropped the oximeter on him in our rush to get to the ER. Obviously, I am good at sprinkling things on his head. Though I'd rather sprinkle good thoughts on him than heavy medical equipment.

Shooting for a Mother Of The Year award over here.

21 thoughts on “sick sick

  1. Hang in there! I know this has got be awful for you, but you DO deserve a Mother of the Year award for all you do. Sending lots and lots and lots of good thoughts, prayers, hopes and wishes your way! Get better soon Ike!


  2. Heavy prayers and virtual hugs for everybody. Thinking good thoughts and hoping and whatever else I can do (sure wish I could wave a magic wand that my daughter likes so much and wish it would work.).


  3. Sending you big prayers and healthy thoughts from the great white chilly north. He’s tough your peanut. Feel the love coming your way.


  4. Oh, Kari, how awful! And when you’re flying solo, too. Hang tough (as my grandmother says). Hugs to that sweet boy of yours. So sorry this is happening.


  5. My best wishes and thoughts are coming your way (and have been since Saturday when all this started) – sooo wish I could do more to help y’all out.


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