Not a great week

Saturday and Sunday in the hospital. Home Sunday night. Very scary time of it. Scary, but OK Monday, then VERY scary Tuesday morning, 911 call, ride back to Dell Children's in the fancy ambu, admitted to IMCU (sort of pre-PICU, it's the intermediate floor), finally home again. On lots of o's, on lots of meds, still no definitive diagnosis. We heard "virus" and not a lot more than that.

Husband is still out of town on business, but coming home tomorrow. The grandparents, home nurses, and our friends have really come to the rescue these past few days. We came home from the hospital this afternoon and our home nurses have us covered almost 24 hours a day until Sunday. They have been amazing, visiting Ike in the hospital, checking on him, worrying about him, keeping me from going completely crazy.

Same with the grandparents and our lovely, wonderful friends. Even though Ike was sad and sick and wouldn't let me out of the crib with him in the hospital, I had food and help and support so that I could feed and help and support him.

I also have to say that while going to the hospital is never any fun, when you become a frequent flyer it's nice to see familiar faces when you get there. RTs, social workers, nurses – a whole slew of people came to visit Ike-a-saurus. It's so nice that they check on him and help us be as comfortable as possible.

Though speaking of comfortableness, I do not recommend sleeping in a toddler crib for three nights, tossed up against a
sleeping wedge, with a fidgety desatting baby in your arms, as a way to
get any rest. But I do recommend swallowing your pride and reaching out for help. It's like falling – but into a bit of a cushion.

7 thoughts on “Not a great week

  1. Glad the news is better. I have been praying all week and checked for a post four times today. (I tend to obsess.) I remember worry over a sick child (not even hospital-sick) can make you awful tired. Speedy recovery to you as well.


  2. Oh sweet Ike. I’m so sorry it’s such a tough time right now. So very glad to hear that he is home now. Many good thoughts, prayers, mojo and all that going your way.


  3. Thank you so much for the update. I’ve been sending good thoughts your way and biting my nails waiting to hear how things are going. Take care of yourself and Ike!


  4. Thanks for the update. Lots of love and prayers heading your way. Hoping for good heath and uneventful days for you and your family.


  5. Glad to hear things are improving. I was heartsick to “hear” Ike was ill. I worried about both of you. (Honestly, what a crappy thing for you guys to have to deal with, and extra crappy timing to boot. The Universe owes you. Big.)
    I’m glad you guys are home. Hope that means better rest for everyone involved. I’m keeping Ike and your whole Ike-Clan in my thoughts and prayers.
    PS. You’re one uber fantastic Mom.


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