No broken bones

Super too tired to figure out a haiku, so I owe you one.

the wee one and the wee-er one and I braved the mall, and met with The
Man in Red. The wee one asked for an iPod Touch and a pocketknife and
the wee-er one asked for "a kitchen with a dryer". I am hoping Santa
gives me a call tonight because, WTF, kids? You're going to take this
spark scooter and this play tent, and you're going to like them!

(note: the first time I wrote "scooter" I spelled it "chooter". Then I wrote "skooter". Tired.)

i have it on good authority that Santa has snagged a pretty awesome
kitchen for the wee-er one, if it doesn't not take blueprints and two
weeks to build. We'll see.

So Santa was a hit. It's a big bummer
to not be able to take Ike-a-saurus, but we may have a contingency
plan. (Santa sends personalized videos on the intertubes. Did you know

After Santa, I took the kids roller skating. !!! I know!
Broken bones before Christmas – not a great idea. But the kids did
great. The wee one was racing by the time we left, and the wee-er one
was chugging along, refusing to hold my hand. We saw some awesome
people, including roller derby ladies who could kick my ass and a dude
who was possibly the Guns 'n Roses guy without the giant hat.

A win of a day.

course, both kids now have runny noses, which times out perfectly for
Ike-a-saurus catching it in time for Christmas. Unless, of course, they
are just infected with his mystery virus from two weeks ago. What's the
likelihood of that?

Can Santa bring me three well children along with an iPod Touch and a kitchen with a dryer in it? Ooh, and some roller skates?

That would be super swell.

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