A holiday lizard miracle!

black and yellow scales
there's no apparent breathing
Lazarus Lizard!

Boy howdy is it cold today. Yesterday, it was super warm and I had to turn on the air-conditioning, but now, we're all bundled up and the wind is so fierce we keep having brownouts. It's fun, though, because it finally feels like Christmas.

Last night, the crazy wind took all of the wee-er ones fingerpaintings and tossed them across the yard, so a little while ago I had to bundle up and run out there. I was going to just let the paper fly around the yard until it got warmer, but the wind picked up and starting tossing paper in the neighbor's tree. Bad form.

Anyway, I was out cleaning up the mess when what to my wondering eye did I see? A 6-inch black and yellow lizard under the tree!

At first I screamed because yikes. But then, after the dog tried to eat him and the lizard didn't move, I felt a little bad for the dude. The kids and I couldn't figure out if he was alive or had passed into the Great Lizard Beyond. It didn't look like he was breathing, but how do you really tell with a lizard?

We considered traching him. And there was debate about bringing out the ambu bag and some oxygen. We decided that finding lizard-sized suction catheters might be difficult, though. And we didn't want to trip him up with the humidified trach mask.

So we put a box over him and hoped for the best.

Back inside, I made some fudge, cleaned up some baby puke, got a little punchy with our nurse laughing about how we might create a lizard trach, and then I remembered that we have little disposable heating pads. So I ran upstairs and got a heating pad to lay over the lizard.

I started to worry that the box wasn't going to work and the heating pad would fail and then Cincinnati wouldn't work up a plan of care for a trached lizard.

When I got outside, though, the lizard was gone!

A Christmas miracle!

So here's to all of you, and your own Christmas miracles…. May the metaphorical lizards in your metaphorical yards regain metaphorical consciousness and bring you Christmas merriment!


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