I am cold and there is screaming

she better not puke
the kid screaming on my bed
that will make me mad

The wee-er one is up from her nap. She is on my bed, screaming her head off. The wailing, the tears, the drama. I have absolutely no idea why she is freaking out. Maybe she woke a while ago and I didn't hear her? I just went up there to see what was wrong and she yelled, "NO! I DON'T WANT YOU UP HERE." So I sent the wee one as my proxy. "NO! DON'T COME IN HERE!" Then I sent the dog, Tucker. "NOT EVEN YOU, TUCKER!" she screamed. Now I'm not sure what else to do. I guess I'll let her scream until she's done and then offer her some kind of peace offering. Maybe cheese.

Every now and then she does this and I never know what the trigger is. I'm guessing maybe it's a combo of feeling kind of puny from a virus, plus not having eaten enough today. Or maybe it's just a scream until you puke kind of day. I've had days like that. I can empathize. But that doesn't mean I condone purposely puking on my bed, which is what is about to happen up there.

I wonder if I go upstairs, place some cheese on the floor and back slowly away, if she'll eat it and be magically cured. More likely, it will get smeared into my bed or the wall or her hair or Tucker will eat it.

Well, at least something is keeping her busy.

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