First post of the new year!

I feel like this should be a momentous post full of hilarity, but really, I'm tired and I'm catching a cold and the wee-er one just punched me in the hand and yelled "DAMMIT" when I refused to give her the medicine she demanded after spontaneously waking up at 11pm.

I think maybe I will go to sleep for a few hours, groggily demand medicine and then punch my husband and yell DAMMIT when he doesn't wake up to administer to me. Who is modeling behavior for whom now?

Did I get the grammar right just then?

In completely unrelated news, I now have gnarled, crusty hag hands because of the constant washing, the hand sanitizer and the resulting chafing. Add in some freezing weather and holy crap, you guys, my hands look like they're about 600 years old. I am thinking of slathering them with pure lanolin when I go to bed tonight, except then the sheets will stick to them, or they will become glued to my face somehow, or trapped in my hair. I could slather them and then put on some gloves, but I don't have any gloves. I could wear the wee one's Boba Fett gloves from his Halloween costume, though. Lanolin + Boba Fett gloves = silky smooth hands of a younger woman? I am skeptical, but desperate.

Lanolin-filled Boba Fett gloves will make it difficult to grasp the drugs I request in the middle of the night, though they will cushion the punching.

I will have to ponder this scenario as I drift off to sleep. Can you tell I'm tired? So tired. It's like being drunk, except without all the peeing. Maybe I shouldn't blog when I'm like this.

This has not been a glorious first post of the year at all.


8 thoughts on “First post of the new year!

  1. It WAS (now who is having problems w/ writing???) pretty hilarious, etc…. I will learn to write and type in my next life.


  2. I lost a comment somewhere 😛 Try the lanolin, if you haven’t already. I’ve used it in similar situations and found it soaks in pretty quickly if you keep rubbing it in.


  3. Once upon a time, when I had two in diapers, I figured I washed my hands a minimum of forty times a day, and they were so dry they cracked and bled. A&D ointment, with cotton gloves at bedtime, really saved me. To this day, I have a couple of books on the shelves whose print is a little blurry in spots because I can’t sleep unless I read, and gloves don’t stop all seepage, but this is, after all, an imperfect world.


  4. Awesome first post of the year! I love your writing.
    p.s. Sometimes I use foot cream on my hands if they’re feeling especially dry. Shhhhh….


  5. Not glorious, but funny. However, do you know how much we worry about you and your family when we only get ONE post in 9 days? I worry that you guys in back in the hospital or that some other serious thing is going on. Selfish? probably, but those of us who have followed you for years now, feel like you are part of our family and it follows that we worry about our family. Nine days is scary. Or, maybe the kiddos are holding your computer hostage and making you relax, relax, relax. If so, good for them. Absolutely best wishes for the new year to you and your family Keri. We love you. But we miss you too.


  6. You're right, you're right! I've not done a good job blogging lately. I tend to compose in my head and then I'm so tired I don't get around to it. Isaac has been sick a lot the past few weeks. Not hospital sick, but enough to keep us on our toes.
    I'll do better, I promise. I miss it, too!


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