Crashing, banging

Do you ever hear the sounds of destruction coming from the other room and still not get up from your chair? The bangs and crashes and occasional screams? And yet you sit there, finishing your tea and thinking, "Just let me have this quiet moment." And you hope that while you languidly finish your drink no one is bleeding or being electrocuted or swallowing pennies in the other room. You think – for a moment – that if they are bleeding or frying or having a snack of pocket change they will be OK for the two more quiet minutes it takes to drink your tea.

Anyone ever do that?

Me neither.

8 thoughts on “Crashing, banging

  1. Oh, no. Never never never.
    But if I did… it would be under the assumption that there would be more screaming if there were blood or broken bones….
    But no. Never!


  2. Noooooooooooooo not me……….althought sometimes I think “imagine if they ARE bleeding/dieing/screaming and I’m sitting here just ignoring it…imagine?!” HAH HAH.


  3. Even when I was logically convinced there could be no blood or concussion, I could never manage more than one final sip of said coffee or tea. My kids would probably have ended up just the same if I had been able to sit.


  4. Nope. And I never listen to bickering lead to the distinctive sound of one kid whacking another kid with a stack of Legos and think to myself, “How nice that they can solve their own disputes. This is building character.”


  5. I ignored an odd banging noise ONCE. It turned out to be my 3-year old twin boys whacking our HDTV with plastic baseball bats. The silver lining was it was big trash week, so we didn’t have to look at the destroyed tv very long.


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