Observations I have made this morning while trying ot avoid hallucinating from Teh Sick

1. I want to go to Vancouver

2. Why does being sick give me a sweat mustache? And a sweaty chest? My body is turning me into Sweat Burt Reynolds.

3. 3 days. that's how long I give it before Ike-a-saurus is sick, even though I'm wearing gloves when I touch him. (That's right. Non-latex exam gloves. Because I am crazy? Or because I am cautious? You decide.)

4. The new TV (for our anniversary yesterday!) makes it look like Liz Lemon is actually in my living room. So while she is hallucinating Bon Jovi in her dentist office, I am hallucinating her in my house. Very meta.

5. My pants are old

6. Like old old. I wore these pants when I was pregnant with the wee one.

7. Too sick to chase Ike up the stairs. Too sick to take him to the ER when he falls. Catch 22.

8. "How would you categorize the importance of wax today?" This is what the dude on TV just said.

9. I think I might be burning soup right now.

10. Can you burn soup? Maybe I should just cut to the chase and say I thinking I might be ruining a soup pot right now.

11. I don't think I can stop this list

12. My hair right now is doing a thing that might be considered a hot mess, if I was hotter, and someone had done this to my hair on purpose

13. I am not being consistent with my punctuation today

14. Snow is very sparkly. It is also very white.

15. Oh shit, the soup.

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