A jaunt to the local coffeeshop

lots of noisy folks
with Important Business
they all make me laugh

Today is one of those freakish days where I have an hour to spare between the millions of things on the to do list. So I've stopped in at a coffeeshop, ostensibly to rewrite the 38,000 words at the end of my WIP that appear to suck pretty hard.

Forgot my ear buds, though, so instead of writing, I'm listening to the cacophony. There's a british guy next to me, conducting a video conference with a screaming baby. I imagine there's probably a grown-up somewhere near or around the screaming around, but it's hard to tell. The british guy keeps yelling, "Can you call Pablo?!" and the baby cries and cries. "CAN YOU CALL PABLO?!"

I will fucking call Pablo to get this guy to calm down.

Also, there is the lady behind me, on the phone, talking about her daughter/friends "birthing muscles" and how they will eventually heal, and how that baby is going to be hell on wheels.

Today, is apparently, Remote Baby Day at the coffeeshop.

Except for the group of people around the table on the stage. They are very excited about a music video or some such thing they're planning. I'm guessing it might be SXSW related, except if it is, they better get on it.

Very entertaining crew here today, though it is ruining my productivity.

I think I'm going to pretend to video conference with my own birthing muscles. I wonder if anyone will listen in?

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