We interrupt normal bitching for extra bitching, please stand by

I am about to go on a rant about our nurse today. I don't know where else to do it. Forgive me.

1. 45 minutes late this morning (traffic was terrible, so I give her a partial pass on this)

2. Didn't ask any questions. No "where are your extra trachs?" No "what are his meds?" No "What is his schedule like?" Nothing. No questions.

3. No consultation of the med sheet, resulting in a missed dose of reflux medicine. Also, his nebs would not have been administered if I hadn't pulled them out, assembled the pari neb, attached it all to him and pointed out where the on switch was for the nebulizer.

4. After the nebs, the neb kit was left fully assembled, still attached to the tubing, on the side table. Little empty plastic vials left within the baby's reach. Nothing rinsed, nothing trashed.

5. I (probably ill-advisedly) left her here alone with Ike while I went to pick up the wee-er one from school. When we got back, the nurse appeared to be sleeping on the couch. Possibly just dozing. Possibly day-dreaming. The wee-er one totally called her out: "Why were you sleeping on our sofa?" Ha.

6. I do not think it's too much to ask, that when the baby is sleeping, the nurse finds things to do. Wash bottles, prepare his lunch, clean the neb kit, get his meds ready, change suction catheters, etc. I also do not think this is something I have to TELL a nurse. I think she should be able to figure this out. a) dozing on the job, less acceptable b) cleaning up the baby's mess, doing nurse-y things, more acceptable.

7. Not really touching the baby or interacting with the baby until late in the afternoon (maybe after feeling refreshed from a rest?). Mostly, just spending the day standing around, still wearing a jacket as if ready to flee the scene at any moment.

8. Actually fleeing the scene 5 minutes early. (Not that this is a huge deal, but it is indicative of work ethic, you know?)

I know not everyone can be a wonderful nurse. And I know we've been lucky to have a few great ones. I guess that just makes it worse to have a mediocre – if that – nurse step in for the day. I fully give her credit for being personable and nice, but… but… It just makes everything harder for everyone when the nurse doesn't act like a nurse. I have to be extra vigilant, Ike is stressed out from having a new person here, no one can get anything done, etc.

For the most part, I love having nurses for Ike. And I think with the right nurses it's an enriching experience for him. He learns to love and trust other people outside the family. It broadens his horizons. It gives him fun stuff to do all day, even if the pesky trach tries to hamper things. And it's also good for me. I get time out of the house to run errands, I have time to spend one-on-one with the other kids, I get to sleep, I learn to trust that other people can take care of Ike, etc.

But days like today make it very tempting to just try to go it alone. I know I can't reasonably do that. He can't ride in the car without someone next to him who is trained in trachiness. There's no way I could manage one of his doctor's appointments alone. Plus, sometimes it's nice to have someone here to talk to, who understands him and trachs and medical crap; who has my back if the trach needs to be changed, or if Ike gets sick all of a sudden.

I just get so frustrated with people sometimes. And being new is no excuse for not getting shit done. I don't have time for people to not get shit done. I already don't get enough shit done on my own.


10 thoughts on “We interrupt normal bitching for extra bitching, please stand by

  1. I wonder if she normally takes care of elderly and is used to just sitting around, staring at the TV while said elderly naps/drools/whatever. Doesn’t work so well when the client is on the move!
    I hope the nurse situation shakes itself out, or maybe the old nurse’s shaman will tell her he’s had a change of heart!


  2. What a moron! How did she graduate? That is actually a dangerous and scary situation – she is in charge of his life! I would definitely complain and recommend that she not be placed w/peds again. You know my theory, the world is comprised of morons and it is the select few, who are not. Oh by the way, haven’t YOU earned your medical and nursing degree by now?!:)


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