There once was a zombie from Austin…

There once was a zombie from Austin.

Whose voice had a small hint of Boston.

He raced a fine relay

Despite a shambl'ng gate

And excessive make-up on his noggin.

Yes, worst. limerick. ever. But it was a fun day, even though I am now overcome with a cold or allergies or some other insidious infection of the brain and face holes.

Today, the wee one and I went over to BookPeople, our most awesomest local bookstore, and we enjoyed a fine afternoon of Zombie relay races. The kiddo got his face painted up nice and scary-like, and then marched through the crowds recruiting his own relay team. Once assembled, the kids shambled their way through trivia questions, brain eating, brain smashing, clothes trading, three-legged race running and exhaustion.

Coming in second place (after a group of fantastically dressed Shaun-of-the-Dead types), the boys all won a book of zombie tattoos.

The afternoon was capped off with a purchase of book 4 in the Percy Jackson series, and after much zombie-begging, the do-it-yourself Diary of a Wimpy kid book.

I know the purchases didn't really match the day, did they? And that's a double shame because the zombie relays were in celebration of author Stacey Jay and her zombie YA books. Somehow I managed to get so completely distracted I neither bought her books, nor got them signed. DOH. It's a good thing I stalk BookPeople regularly and that they always have a nice stash of signed books handy.

Sorry, Stacey!

I blame this guy:


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