Rodeo, blogging, trachiness, and other sundries

a poop free planet
what the wee one's searching for
after rodeo

My sister and I took the wee one and the wee-er one to the rodeo today. Not the actual rodeo where you watch cowboys launch themselves toward fleeing animals during things like "calf scrambles", but the extraneous rodeo, where you eat potato chips made by a man with a Black & Decker drill and a bunch of potatoes, and where you watch baby pigs named Sarah Jessica Porker and Brad Pigg race each other for a bite of an Oreo.

Great fun!


Exhausting, though. And I was sad we couldn't bring Ike-a-saurus. I guess, technically, we could have brought him and his nurse with us, but with all the dirt and sawdust and poop it just didn't seem like a great place to go if you have a hole in your neck leading directly to your lungs. Alas.

Speaking of trachs, Ike-a-saurus has learned to occlude his with not only his finger but his chin. So now he can rip off his HME, jam his chin over his trach and go OOOH AAAAH BBBUUUHHHH BBBAAAAHHHH until he turns red in the face and I holler at him to stop. Very entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining – not much of that going on around here on the blog. Sorry about that. I'm trying to finish writing a new book, and it's keeping me busy.

That's a lie.

What's keeping me busy is three kids and a trach and spring break and finishing the new book and blah blah. Also, I'm blogging on THREE other blogs now (crazy, I know), and tweeting here and there, so my time is stretched. I'm going to try to do better getting on here, but if there's a stretch of a couple of days, pop over to The Spectacle or The YA-5, or my K.A. Holt blog, or my twitter page (there's actually two: @haikumama, and @karianneholt – haikumama has the cursing, karianneholt has the book stuff).

I sound like a crazy person now, don't I? It's true. You got me.



Who tortures her kids with pony rides at the rodeo.

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