My butt article!

In this month's Parents Magazine, read all about the seven stages of coming to terms with your new butt. Written by me, a looooong time ago.

Here it is! (In the actual magazine, the article is superimposed on a very attractive hiney.)

I would also like to say how hilarious it is to sign a contract with a national magazine that has the word BUTT on it in a big bold, all caps font.

7 thoughts on “My butt article!

  1. WAIT! That was you? I just read that last night and it hit SO home as I went from single wide to double wide and am lamenting that very fact… I am going back right now to check the byline. right now. Now. Totally skimmed over the article about moms getting together for dance classes (cha cha, my wide ass) but loved the big butt article.


  2. Your sequel must be about some body parts that are a bit higher up.. and equally affected by children, especially those of the nursing kind. 🙂


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