Free wine! Free snacks! Talk about boobs!

Well, the talking about boobs part might be an oversell. But maybe not… you never know what hijinks will ensue down at the local milk bank.

Tomorrow night is the Grand Opening of the Mother's Milk Bank office here in Austin. They've moved to a fabulous new building and they're eager to show it off. Come on by from 5-7 tomorrow night for a glass of wine and a tour of the facilities. I am going to do my best to drop by. I might even wear fancy pants for the occasion. You can't beat a tour of milk processing facilities and fancy pants. I am completely serious about that.

Come by and say Hi!

The milk bank is on Medical Arts Street, Suite 12 (in Medical Arts Square). It's
right there at the corner of Dean Keeton and Medical Arts. Parking is
free and plentiful.

For more info about the milk bank, and the event, see my post from a few days ago

Yay milk bank! Yay parties! Yay fancy pants!

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