It’s 3 am and I’m hungry

a busy weekend
have escaped slightly unscathed
and with some flowers

Despite the fact that one kid ended up on oxygen and another kid ended up at urgent care with a potentially broken leg, the weekend was actually pretty nice. We planted flowers. The weather was beautiful. No ambulances made me cry. Netflix added season 5 of Weeds to the list of instant streaming shows. Good.

The one who was on oxygen is now sleeping without it, though I do think he's getting sick. It's too early to tell how sick, but hopefully this won't be a huge horrible thing.

The one who ended up at urgent care is sleeping soundly with an ace bandage on his knee, a bruise on his cheek, and a new respect for how fast you can really make your scooter go.

The one who helped with the flowers has snuck out of her bed and is sleeping in my bed.

I am not yet sleeping in my bed, but in an hour or so I will be.

There are a lot of things that are just inescapably fucked up about my life. But then, there are others that are not so bad, random Sunday night co-pays notwithstanding.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get a call from Cincinnati so that we can start the process of scheduling another trip up there. I fear our typical Sunday afternoons are going to get a little wonky in the future. But maybe after that, they'll be OK. Even better than OK – they'll be mundane. That's all a lady can wish for, isn't it? Sundays full of mundane mundanity? Maybe the call tomorrow will be the first step toward that goal.

Not tomorrow. Today. It's Monday already, isn't it?

It's 3 am. I'm really hungry.

3 thoughts on “It’s 3 am and I’m hungry

  1. “When you can get 7 good hours of sleep a night, that’s as good as it gets.” 🙂
    Sending mundane thoughts your way. And I’m glad you’re doing ok.


  2. “There are a lot of things that are just inescapably fucked up about my life. But then, there are others that are not so bad,” – Amen sister. I have never read a quote that so adequately sums up the last four years of my life. Good luck, hope everyone gets better, and you, my friend, get some sleep. If I thought it appropriate, I would totally get this cross-stiched, framed and hang it in my office. Hmmm, maybe I will anyway!


  3. I can so identify – my 11-year-old fell and broke her ankle on the one and only day of winter we’ve had this year – thank God the cast comes off tomorrow. Hoping for sleep and same-old/same-old for you.


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