7 thoughts on “Oh, School…

  1. As a teacher I find that hilarious (and slightly painful). If I were his teacher I would want to know so that I could do a better job of keeping him interested.


  2. Oh no. So sad…….make him put it in an envelope with his teacher’s name on it and hand it to her Monday morning.


  3. You are feeding my already existing fear to send my first off to school with that backpack spillage. At least he’s recording. Could that count as a Journal entry?


  4. Omigosh- I know I shouldn’t say this, but that is AWESOME. First, it made me laugh out loud, Second, it clearly shows that the Wee One is gifted and bright, and funny! I’m sad that he was on the verge of boredom-death, but I’ve heard it makes kids creative. 😉


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