March of Dimes Win! Walking part? Fail.

felled by a virus
valiant attempt thwarted
but we're all OK

First, the good news: Team Ike raised $1100 for the March of Dimes! Right now our team is walking through Austin, celebrating Ike-a-saurus and all of the other little babies just like him. I am overwhelmed and amazed, as always, by the generosity of our friends and family, and their friends and families.

$1100! In only a few weeks!

But, Kari, you ask… if everyone is marching for dimes right now, how are you blogging this? Ah well, that's where the fail part comes in. Stomach virus. I thought I was OK this morning when I got up. After all, it's already been two days, and yesterday I ate a bit before bed and all was OK.

Well, we got almost to the walk and had to pull over so I could run into some coffee shop and lose it in the bathroom. (Sorry, coffee shop!) And Ike coughed the entire way in the car, red-faced, suction machine going non-stop. A mess. So I forced my husband to take the wee one and the wee-er on to the walk to meet our team, and I broke all the rules and drove Ike home all by myself.

We made it just in time for HIM to puke all over the carpet as soon as we got in the door. I think it was from the coughing, though. I hope, hope, hope it was from the coughing.

So, anyway, Ike and I tried our very best to be there. And I am SO BUMMED to be missing it. We have people on our team who have loved and supported us even though we haven't met in person, so I'm heartsick to have missed meeting them. Though you guys wouldn't want a hug from me in this state. No way.

One of these days we'll have a big party, and everyone in the world will be invited. All of our friends and family and other former preemies we know, and our nurses, and everyone. No one will have the stomach flu or need instant nebulizer treatments, or inexplicably fall asleep two hours before naptime. It will be a great party and we can all hug and cry happily and eat cake.

Until then – I'm sorry to have missed the festivities today. But I know everyone is having a great time.

And $1100?! HOLY CRAP, YOU GUYS!


One thought on “March of Dimes Win! Walking part? Fail.

  1. way to go team ike!
    but that sucks rocks you guys are sick.
    can’t wait for the big party! i wish i could have oe of those too.
    feel better – and happy pre-mama’s day. You deserve a parade.


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