Update first, pie second

Thanks so much for all the kind words and well wishes and prayers and everything. We're still being knocked around pretty hard today, but within the black hole came some better news.

We saw
the pulmo today and he said it looks like Ike has a nasty virus, not bacterial pneumonia like we feared. Surprisingly, the little dude's chest x-ray actually looked better than it did last December. The pulmo also thinks that there is no asthma, just narrowing of little preemie airways in Ike's lungs due to mucus. That's why none of the steroids have helped. We're waiting on trach cultures to come back. There is still a chance we could have something really fucked up like staph going on.

Right now, we just have to wait it out. The doc thinks Ike will be all better in two weeks, but the anesthesiology team in Cincinnati will not put a child under general anesthesia for an elective surgery unless the child has been healthy for 6-8 weeks at least. I completely understand that, but it's terribly disappointing. It's also really fucked up that having your airway reconstructed is considered elective.

We will try to reschedule. But until then, I have a lot of reservations to cancel and people to call. Heartbreaking work, really. At least the little dude was feeling better today, and he was off oxygen all day.

Nothing ever goes to plan. I should know that by now. It's still upsetting, though. And I know everything happens for a reason, blah, blah, but a lot of things have happened to this kid and I am running out of reasons.

I'm going to go eat a piece of pie now. And wish I had some warm chocolate chip cookies to wash it down with. Anyone want to go on a liquor store run tomorrow? I think all of this bullshit calls for some very fine tequila. Or maybe just some very fine chocolate. Or maybe two xanax instead of one. So many choices. So many potential headaches.

Here he is, sweet boy, with a Mickey Mouse mask over his trach to try to hedge off extra germs at the hospital today. You can tell he's starting to feel better.


8 thoughts on “Update first, pie second

  1. Thanks for the update, Kari. My heart is aching for all you have had to face. We will be praying that this extra time will only make Ike that much bigger and stronger to be ready for the surgery. We are with you all in spirit and cheering for better days – and they will come. Keep hanging in there. You Are Loved.


  2. Oh Kari. The next time will work out, I know it. Maybe they will have a cancellation and you can get moved up. I am sending your little family all of my love.


  3. If you want warm chocolate chip cookies, you know who to call. I’d bring them to you in a second. (well, about 20 minutes, since it takes that long to make them)


  4. so so sorry mama. that just sucks. truly. especially having to do all the canceling on top of it all. kisses to that sweet smiling boy.


  5. Sorry about the postponement but glad it’s probably “just” a virus 🙂
    Honestly, I don’t think everything happens for a reason. Well, except from the other direction… obviously a virus was the reason you all got sick…. I do believe we can generally find something useful from everything that happens, though. Life is flexible. It does suck sometimes that it needs to be.


  6. bummer. glad to hear his x-ray came back looking better & maybe no asthma. that’s me looking at the bright side. all that other stuff? so sorry. I am not good with delays. hugs…


  7. I can bring dishwasher tabs, tequila, chocolate cookies, and more chocolate chip cookies. Just say the word.


  8. He’s starting to look like a big guy! Hey, here’s an idea – keep the mickey mouse mask on all the time! Like a superhero cape:). It sounds like some really good news from the pulmo guy. I think good things are coming!


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