Birthday season approaches

try not to buy stuff
already drowning in stuff
and still, we need stuff

The end of May marks the beginning of birthday season for us. First the wee one on May 31st, then the wee-er one on July 1st, then Ike-a-saurus on August 25th, then me in September, my dad in September, my husband, mom and sister in October, etc. Almost all in-laws have birthdays sprinkled in and around these months, too.

It's like a marathon to Christmas, starting in May.

Already the requests from the kids have started. Pocket knife, Yo Gabba Gabba cake, a USA vs. Afghanistan birthday party theme, a rebuilt trachea. So many requests, so little money.

This year we're shooting for the less is more idea. Like taking a couple of friends out for a movie and lunch. And not getting one million presents. I'm not sure the kids are buying it. And I feel bad for the wee-er one because she hasn't really had a big birthday party ever. Not like her big brother has. But she's also more shy than he is, and more likely to be overwhelmed by a million people paying attention to her all at the same time. Hopefully, she won't be scarred for life when we try to have a nice family party instead of anything too crazy.

I know the wee one won't be scarred for life emotionally, as long as we get him a pocket knife. But this may cause him to be scarred for life physically. A toss up.

And we're working on that rebuilt trachea. I don't know if we can deliver it before Ike-a-saurus' birthday or not.

As for me? I'd just like some quiet, some key lime pie, two months of no one being sick, and maybe some clothes that aren't older than my children.

I can't believe birthday season is already upon us. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

2 thoughts on “Birthday season approaches

  1. Did you know that Yo Gabba Gabba Live is coming to Cedar Park in December? I already got tix. That might be a fun gift, maybe more for xmas than birthday. Wish I had some other ideas for you!


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