A great Booklist review for BRAINS FOR LUNCH!

Woo hoo!!! (And here's a link to more woo-hooing)

for Lunch: A Zombie Novel in Haiku?!.

Holt, K. A. (Author) , Wilson, Gahan

Aug 2010. 96 p. Roaring
Brook/Neal Porter, hardcover, $16.99. (9781596436299).

How many stories feature
a middle school with a student body composed of zombies, monsters, and regular kids, and how
often are such stories told through a series of nearly 100 haiku poems?
Loeb, a zombie, is the main
character, and he manages to win a poetry competition, develop a crush
on the
school librarian, and wind up
with a regular-kid girlfriend, all despite his taste for human brains.
Teachers preparing to introduce
their classes to haiku are bound to welcome this outrageous effort.
face it: many kids encountering
haiku for the first time aren’t enthralled by descriptions of water
droplets on lotus flowers, but lines such
as “Ivy tendrils fall / Dark loops splayed across my arm / Hair, not
intestines” may pique their interest.
Adding loads of zing are the drawings by cartoonist Wilson, the perfect
illustrator for a story featuring zombies.
A funny, irreverent, and unconventional verse offering that’s sure to
find wide curricular appeal.                   

— Todd Morning

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