The kids have r-u-n-n-o-f-t

it's sleep away camp
grandparents' house a good test
of thei(ou)r fortitude

My parents came today to take the wee one and wee-er one off to the wilds of Houston for a week. About four hours after they left my mom called and said, "Yeah, maybe next time we won't let the wee one get a Dr. Pepper when we stop for food."


It's going to be a fun week. I mean that both for real, and in a shoulder-punching you-don't-know-what-you're-in-for way. I can't wait to hear all the stories. And I can't wait to see how long the kids and grandparents last. Technically, I guess everyone is coming back here Friday or Saturday, but if they all show up on Wednesday I think the visit will still be considered a huge success.

So now, it's 9:39 pm and it is incredibly quiet in this house. Ike-a-saurus is asleep, the night nurse is due in about an hour, my husband is working at the computer, and no one is popping their little head out of a door upstairs asking for more water or different music or a brighter light or just one more book.


But also, woo!

If only we were able to schedule a nurse for Ike next week. I'd go to a spa or at least a bookstore or something. We do have a nurse tomorrow – so I can have root canal redone. Awesome.

It sure would be nice to be able to get together with my writing group a couple of times this week, too. Ah well, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, I have two bedrooms to clean, toys to prune, and a baby to love on, so I think I can keep busy.

Must now go stock up on frozen peas for my face and internal fortitude to not miss the kids too much.

When they get back I want to go to sleep away camp. By myself. With room service. And black-out curtains.

5 thoughts on “The kids have r-u-n-n-o-f-t

  1. Sounds like the Grandparents are in a “tight spot”. Just remind them that “the pleasing aroma is half the point!”


  2. Pick a weekend, Amy. I am going to pack a bag RIGHT NOW.
    And also, yes to the ranch.
    And also also, Matt, you sound like a Dapper Dan man to me.


  3. I say you take Rachel up on her offer, but have her come by with her telescope. And then invite me, and my youngest, while my oldest is also with her grandparents.
    This is a good plan. You know why? I’m perfecting my margarita recipe, and I can really throw down at meal time.
    I’m just sayin’….
    *wink* Enjoy the quiet, and I hope the redux root canal is, well, at least a nice nap, right?


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