The birthday girl is still awake

tea and trampolines
fire truck cake and Dominoes
it's a birthday win

The wee-er one is still awake, up in her room, listening to the new Beatles CD she got, and looking at pictures on her new "iPhone" (an old photo iPod I cleaned up for her).

Strike that, now she's downstairs with me, jumping on her new little trampoline.

I was hoping the little trampoline would be a good thing especially when hurricanes hit and we have four straight days of rain and our backyard has turned into a sinkhole the size of the Sarlacc. I had not counted on the little trampoline having a siren song that would call her downstairs at 10:47 pm.

She had a lovely tea party today with friends, complete with strawberry tea! Blueberry tea! Mint tea! And Darjeeling. We had scones made with currants and scones made with cheese and scones made with spicy ginger and cranberries. Then, there was much playing on a giant armadillo and we came home for a rest.

The rest, I think, is why we are in this jumping predicament right now. Newly minted four-year-olds should not sleep until 4:30 pm. Noted.

It was a good day, a sweet day. I can't believe my baby girl is four!

Now she better get her butt to bed before my misty-ness wears off and I feed her to the Sarlacc.

3 thoughts on “The birthday girl is still awake

  1. She got a Beatles CD for her birthday?! My kind of girl! Which one? I keep meaning to drag out my old albums (yes, albums, and I should say my *mom’s* old albums) to play in the background for the girls.


  2. We had one of those trampolines when I was little. I used to pretend I was doing jazzercise on it while listening to Jem tapes. YES I SAID JEM TAPES. Truly truly truly outrageous!
    So, clearly, by the end of the week, G will have a dance/trampoline routine worked out to her Beatles CD. I look forward to the YouTube clip.


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