I feel like it’s time to blog something

a busy few days
made zombies in my kitchen
not counting the food

I spent the last week making a book trailer, having nightmares about missiles trying to blow me up, chasing kids, not sleeping well, drinking way too much tea (wishing it was coffee), watching this show, Kidnapped, on Netflix (and wishing that in my constant angst I could at least have apparently clean, scoop necked, comfortable-looking clothes like Dana Delaney), arm wrestling with iMovie '08, not eating salted praline polvorones because I forgot to order some (dammit), and constructing wildly complicated plans for a very small amount of fresh figs I have.

Here's a link to the book trailer.

Here's a link to the TV show.

Here is the tea. (And sometimes this.)

Here are some scoop neck shirts I do not own, but would like to. (Some of those might be v-necks.)

Here are the polvorones. (Oh, MAN these cookies are good)

And the fig plans.

Super tired. Tomorrow is Friday. Maybe I'll be awake enough at some point to write in complete sentences again.

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