Caution: moving sidewalk ahead

it is propellant
some days a hidden rip tide
Time keeps us current

Some nights I find myself amazed at simple things. When I admit to being amazed by them, it makes me sound like a
real weirdo.

Like tonight I am amazed that time just
moves forward. You can't stop it. You can't hurry it. It's just a
steadfast march. Sometimes it seems like it's carrying you forward in a flash flood, sometimes it feels like you're in a tar pit. And yet, there is always forward progress.

Want to stop time? Too bad. Want to pause it for a while? No go. Want to speed it up? Can't do it. Want to close your eyes and ignore it? Impossible.

Gravity, sugar ants and Time. Omnipresent.

Tonight I feel like I'm on a moving sidewalk. It's not going fast, it's not going slow, it's just going. Going going going. Taking me to a future that's clouded over in some kind of movie set mist. What's behind the mist? Won't know til I get right in it. But I'm getting close to it because I feel the spray on my face.

The Spray of Things to Come.

The Spray of the Future.

The Aquanet of Fate.

This post is beginning to sound like a conversation between a pothead and himself while he eats pancakes at Denny's at 3 am. That's usually a sign I need to stop contemplating Things and start thinking about watching a TV show. Time might not actually pass faster that way, but it will seem like it.

Veronica Mars, Season One, I command you to make me stop talking like an idiot!

2 thoughts on “Caution: moving sidewalk ahead

  1. Did I inspire you?? I started Sat and already I’m starting season 2. I think there is something very wrong with me. And I love Veronica Mars.


  2. I must be smoking from the same pipe because I totally get this post. Time just keeps moving no matter what you do. Sometimes you want to slow it down (no more babies!) or speed it up (meetings) but it just keeps on moving.


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