The eating and the sleeping shall commence

dark and lonely roads
except for the drunks and cops
and that freaked out deer

It took us 15 hours (not counting the four hours to Dallas), but we're here. On the way we accumulated lots of empty Mountain Dew bottles, tons of empty saline bullets, a whole bunch of gas receipts and one speeding ticket. Guess who got the ticket?

That's right. And we weren't even out of Texas yet. Well, we were in Texarkana, so I have to go look at the ticket. Was it an Arkansas state trooper that didn't care about my trach baby sob story or was it a Texas trooper? I'll have to go find out so I know whose ass to kick.

Luckily, while I was at HEB the other day I saw that they have online defensive driving for $25, so it looks like that'll be the way to go. Good times.

Happily, though, we're all checked in the hotel and room service just arrived. We are stinky and exhausted, but soon we will be full and stinky and exhausted. Ike did great on the trip and slept almost the whole way, even when the trooper was shining his xenon light into the minivan.

Tomorrow we rest, take Uncle Chris (our very important and highly needed third driver) to the airport and then plan for the excitement to start. Can we keep a wily kiddo from cracking his head or catching a cold within the next few days? Only time will tell.

Big piles of mashed potatoes are singing their siren song, must go… Thanks for all the well wishes! I can feel them surrounding us.

8 thoughts on “The eating and the sleeping shall commence

  1. Bummer about the ticket. Sucks. I just took online defensive driving and you can totally multitask while doing it. Can’t remember the name offhand but Laura M. recommended it to me and it was good. Starting on the heavy prayers route.


  2. sending positive thoughts and hopes the you get good rest, and that magic riggenscorns, loganscorns etc twitter around helping you all out.
    praying for lots of strength for little dude, and both of you too.


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