Seeing the sites

We took Ike out to the zoo this afternoon and had an excellent time looking at giraffes, cheetahs, lions and manatees. (Ike signed either "dog" or "frog" as he saw each one. Strangely and hilariously, the giraffe warranted a "frog".)

Mostly, though, Ike was thrilled to see other kids, and he really enjoyed patting the wooden rails surrounding the exhibits.

After the zoo we finally managed to try some Graeter's ice cream. Ike-a-saurus enjoyed a chocolate milkshake (or at least his shirt and hair and stroller enjoyed it), while my hubs and I shared a banana split with butter pecan ice cream on one side and chocolate chip on the other. Bittersweet hot fudge topping and marshmallow topping, too. Mmmm.

Now we're hunkering down and getting ready for tomorrow. High Res chest CT under general anesthesia and then clinic with Pulmonary and GI. We have to be at the hospital at 7 am. It's gonna be a long day, but we should learn a lot.

Now it's time for cheeseburgers and an attempt to remove chocolate ice cream from Ike's hair.

Seeing the sites

Seeing the sites

13 thoughts on “Seeing the sites

  1. how wonderful that the three of you got to have this fun day before all the dr stuff begins!! I bet Ike really enjoyed being out and about seeing all the frogs and dogs! and ice cream, too – hooray!


  2. Thanks for posting the picture of Ike. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you this week.


  3. So glad you’re in Cincy and so glad to see Ike looking so well! Chocolate milkshakes are frightfully good luck; everyone knows that!


  4. Yeah! Can’t beat ice-cream before a big day! Here’s to thinking all good things. His smile tells me he knows good things are to come…:)


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