I have no good title except dfhuibgigbhfjlhb [I am very tired]

OK, so!

The surgery went well. Ike has a brand new 7 mm graft (created from a rib) integrated into his trachea, replacing an area of collapse as well as replacing a skin tract, both of which were causing the stenosis.

Did that sentence make sense? I am so tired, you guys.

We're in PICU now. He is heavily sedated, but still wiggling enough to freak us all out. He has to remain sedated and still so that the endotracheal tube that is through his nose and down his airway stays still and helps stent the healing graft. It will probably be about a week that Ike will remain on the ventilator, sedated. We're trying to avoid the paralytic drugs because he had a hard time with them previously. (Or maybe I'm just remembering it wrong, or maybe there were a lot of other things going on that didn't help matters much. Or maybe all of the above.)

He has a big dressing on his side where they took part of his rib. There is a drain and other fun stuff. He also has drains on either side of the incision on his neck, and a huge amount of gauze, making it look like he's wearing a mock turtleneck just like cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon movies.

Lots of tubes and drains and technically he's not breathing on his own yet, because of the ventilator. BUT, the trach is gone. We just have to hope and pray and wish and cross our fingers that the graft heals nicely, doesn't swell or occlude his trachea, that there are no areas of collapse, that no infections pop up, that there is no invasive scar tissue or granuloma, etc. etc. We are still deeply entrenched in the woods here, not out of it by any means. But… the surgery is done. The trach is out.

Right now he's running a fever, which is scary, but not unheard of after a surgery like this.

It really is just plain scary to see him this way, just like I knew it would be, but also… the trach is out. Did I say that already? I think I did. 🙂 It's terrifying to think about what's to come, and yet… the trach is out. Did I say that already? Now we just have to heal the graft, wean from the vent, not require any o2, learn how to eat and cough again, and we're good. Oh, and we also have to get the nurses and doctors (almost wrote coctors there. HA) to keep their voices down and their movements slow and steady. The calmer and quieter everyone is, the less of the sedation meds we'll need, and the easier the weaning process will be. We've already butted heads with one nurse and we haven't even been here four hours yet!

Overwhelming. It's all overwhelming. As is the support and love and prayers and good wishes from everyone.

Thank you, everybody. It means so, so much.

25 thoughts on “I have no good title except dfhuibgigbhfjlhb [I am very tired]

  1. I’m not much of a praying kind of person, but I will break out my rosary beads now. Very, very quiet rosary beads.


  2. Hang in there. This time will pass also, like all the others you have gone through already. Our prayers and thoughts are with y’all. Love.


  3. Kari, I am just a stranger that reads your blog but I am sending unicorn farts in your direction. Rainbow infused unicorn farts coated in xanax and chocolate. I think they will help. Also I lived in Ohio for 4 years and it totally treated me well so I think Ohio has totally better juju than Texas. I am sure of it. So here’s to good Ohio-ian juju for you and Ike and your whole family.


  4. I forget whether or not you told us if the trach is out.
    But anyway, wishing and praying for everything to go as planned for once, and for you to get the quietest nurses and doctors there.
    (whispered): Yay Ike! Yay Ike’s Mama!!


  5. Rest mama. Hold Ike’s hand and rest. Sweet prayers and rejuvenation time. Let the big mama nature do her healing on Super Ike.


  6. I think it’s great how you are standing up to the nurses and doc in order to protect your baby. You are all amazing, especially Ike.


  7. I wish I could be his very quiet nurse right now. But I will also send by good Ohio vibes to Cincy so nothing goes wrong.
    And by the way….THE TRACH IS OUT!!!! (I”m only yelling that in my head)


  8. Wait, did you say the trach is out?!? Yay! I am praying for a speedy recovery for the little superhero. And some rest for Mom and Dad. I know (from following your blog for awhile) that you are a supermama and won’t rest until all is well but I do sincerely hope that you find some peace from all of the worry and chaos. If nothing else I hope you feel the love and hope that we are all sending you and your little guy.


  9. The trach is out. Wow. That is so very amazing. All hail the power of unicorn farts! You guys are so deserving of an easy, cushy road. I hope the remainder of this journey is easier than what’s come before.


  10. here’s to a speedy, healthy, healing. I hope you and your hubby can rotate getting some rest. Hug each other a lot. sending you love, unicorn farts, riggenscorns etc from the northland.


  11. Hi Kari. It’s wonderful, simply wonderful. I know you all have a long way to go, but this is a fantastic thing. I will continue to send healing thoughts for your little Ike…and sleeping thoughts for you.


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