Overnight update

Steven was here with Ike last night, while I went to back to the hotel for some pharmaceutically-induced dreams. Tonight it's his turn for sleeping and my turn to police hang out with the nurses.

Here is Steven's update that he sent out this morning:

Ike's stable.

It was a long but okay night. Started off with…More fever. More high
heart rates.  More low blood pressures. But the night got better thanks to
a great night nurse who 'suggested' we switch from Versed
to dexmedetomidine as it causes less high blood pressure side effects.
We also got tylenol, more IV fluids on board and started continuous
feeds of formula.

After all those changes Ike's blood pressure is almost base line and
his heart rate is just 20+ and not 50+ base line so that's better.

The Cotton team already changed his rib dressing this morning. The
incision site looked great and Ike tolerated the dressing change well
which is very good considering that he is only on a starter dose of dex
but maybe him being asleep at time had a lot to do with him tolerating
the dressing change so well.

Also, we are now on the schedule for TU for the next scope.

Ike's sleeping now.

We're on schedule for a PICC line to be placed at 10 am. This will allow them to remove the IVs and hopefully make the likelihood of an infected line much less likely. (Easier said than done – it was a central line that welcomed us to the world of MRSA the last time he was in PICU – not his PICC line, though.)

For that procedure, they'll move us into a sterile room and gown us up with masks and hats and stuff, but we'll be able to be with Ike the whole time.

Not a fan of this fever/high heart rate business, but he's on enough antibiotics to render an elephant squeaky clean, and we've been assured that fever is common after surgeries like this.

Hello, Thursday! Please don't be exciting.

14 thoughts on “Overnight update

  1. Been reading your blog for almost 3 years now, following your adventures. Just wanted to let you know there’s another one out here thinking and praying for all of you.


  2. I have not checked your blog in a few days and was hoping the surgery had happened and went well.
    Not many parents go through surgery like this so I know it is really scary. My son had part of his rib removed for his craniofacial reconstruction and those early days in PICU were really hard. I remember how crazy it was. Kids are so resilient and you’ll be amazed at how fast Ike bounces back within a week. I was shocked at what my kid could do and how quickly he recovered.
    My son is now 6 and the rib completely grew back which is a big plus having this surgery done so early. He had the surgery done at age 2. Within about 4 days the drains from the chest tube for the rib were able to come out.
    Good luck!


  3. Yes, fevers *really* are very expected and common after invasive surgery. It’s the body’s natural response to all the inflammation (which is needed for healing). My daughter has had two heart surgeries and she always runs a temp of 101-102 for a good 5 days, and a temp of 100 for about five days after that.
    I have followed Ike’s progress and I can’t wait to hear that that all continues to go well!


  4. here’s hoping thursday was duller than paint drying and to a friday duller than my 1984 toyota tercel’s paintjob.


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