Just to prove how these blog posts jinx things

As soon as I posted that, we had rounds and they decided to give him a "holiday" off the paralytic. They did a test called the "train-of-four" where they put electrodes on a nerve on his arm and give him a shock "stimulus". It's supposed to make his hand twitch between one and four times. Well, his hand twitched zero times. So we've gone from too active to "uh-oh". Hence the vecuronium holiday.

Don't you think Vecuronium Holiday sounds like something the Romans would do to, like, celebrate Jupiter or someone? Or maybe it's a place in a Roman house where you go to sit and complain about things.

The Attending told us that ten years ago they used to keep kids sedated and paralyzed like this for 14 days, no exceptions, after airway surgeries. Holy shit. I think we did it for 14 days or so when Ike was first trached. That is just brutal and awful. So, hooray for it not being ten years ago.

Now I am going to go stand by the bed and await the Vecuronium Holiday. Perhaps we can send you a postcard.

8 thoughts on “Just to prove how these blog posts jinx things

  1. I thank our lucky stars every day that it isn’t 10 years ago. Anyway, no matter what hell y’all are going through, you’re one day closer to “normal”.
    As always, thinking super-positive, super-healthy, calm, non-exciting, boring, droll thoughts for you!


  2. Hey, I know another little girl who’s a micropreemie and had this surgery just a bit before Ike did, and she’s home now and doing physical therapy to get back up to her 22 mo old speed. Keep your eye on the prize, even when it’s hard to imagine getting past this, *today*….


  3. I think Vecuronium Holiday sounds like something you might do in the Vomitorium. Except I think that is actually a myth?


  4. Hey girl, I have been following but unable to respond, but I did pray and think good thoughts. I agree with all of the above, especially the vomitorium part.
    Kudos to all of you and the little dude for coming as far as you have. Please poop soon, Ike. We’re all pooping for you, I mean praying for you.
    Love and hugs!


  5. Vecuronium Holiday is – DUH – my new band. For immediate release: “Vampire Weekend has *nothing* on the new kids in town, one Vecuronium Holiday, purveyors of trancy sedated literate rock – Flaming Lips meets Ghostland Observatory meets Decemberists. Listen and love.” (Lev’s out of ICU, btw, and back upstairs where they promptly overloaded him with IV fluids to the point that his eyes are swollen shut…while I was sleeping. GAH!!)


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