sneaking this in before rounds

Ike is on a paralytic now to keep him still. We're closely monitoring his vitals to make sure he is fully sedated. Don't want to be paralyzed but not fully sedated. Yikes.

He's on some antibiotics and almost as many laxatives as sedatives.

I have to keep reminding myself that we did this on purpose to make things better. It doesn't seem very better now, but the ultimate goal is, you know… better. No trach is better. It's just a hard road to get there. We are just so fortunate to have this road to take, even if it's scary right now. And it is pretty effing scary.

I am also missing the wee one and the wee-er one something fierce. And the poor wee one has a cold and a fever and is very mopey, missing his folks, missing Ike. He's very worried about Ike, more than I think he lets on. He's mature enough now to know this is a Big Deal. We're trying to shield him from just HOW big a deal it is, but that's difficult when everyone is worried. Poor dude. I hope his fever abates soon. The first thing he said to me when I called last night was, "Well, at least I didn't get sick while Ike was home." Which a) is very true and b) makes me feel kind of like a monster for being the reason that's his first thought.

OK, the docs and nurses and a million other people are heading this way….

thanks for all the love, everybody.

4 thoughts on “sneaking this in before rounds

  1. I hope when this is all done that the five of you can disappear to a beach in the tropics somewhere and dig your toes in the sand for, oh, six months or so.
    Continually praying, puking, praying, puking for all of you.


  2. Wow… tears. You guys are holding it together so well and this crap part will be so far back in your memories that you won’t have time to think about it while Ike is up and running around screaming “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!” at the top of his lungs… soon…. soon.


  3. No trach is better. It’s just a hard road to get there.
    That’s right — keep that in mind. Hang tough; we’re all still following along with high hopes and all the support we can send.


  4. You’re not the reason that’s the wee one’s first thought. You may be the reason he realizes it’s an issue, but the fact that he cares about his brother is the reason it’s his first thought.


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