I owe you guys a much longer post, but it has been a crazy couple of days.
Ike was extubated yesterday, which was wonderful! But getting him to wake up from all the movie star knock out drops proved challenging. It's been a real E True Hollywood Story up in here.
The good news is that he's breathing with his face! No vent! No trach! He's on a little O2, but that's ok.
The not so good news is that he's in the throes of withdrawal from the morphine and ketamine and all that fun stuff. So we're tapering with methadone and other than being super shaky and dopey and pooping 10 times a day (yay, poop, but… Yikes), he's chillin' and watching TV and trying to regain his strength.
Here's a dark pic of Ike-a-saurus enjoying some Disney Channel this morning.


16 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Look at that little cutie pie! I’m actually a little verklempt right now. I hope the withdrawal from the ‘hard stuff’ goes well, but Ike’s proved that he’s one tough little guy. Good thoughts for you all keep a’comin’!


  2. He is just so so so so so so cute! Holding all of you in my thoughts and hoping for smooth and easy daily improvement.


  3. Amazing. I surprised myself with a few tears of joy as well. Great to see him face breathing and chilin. How are mom and dad doing? I hope you guys are able to rest a little better now.


  4. I’ve been quietly following your blog for a while, and just wanted to tell you how happy I am to see this tremendous step (the whole face breathing thing). It is so miraculous. Thanks for sharing all the inspiring, scary, poignant and funny stories. I imagine it must feel weird to be sharing this personal stuff with crazy strangers, but after following the experience you have faced, it’s wonderful to see what happens next. You and your family are in my thoughts. I hope the little guy feels better and better soon.


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