Off the drugs and kickin’ back

Ike is all done with his tapering meds, so officially he should be finished with all the withdrawal nastiness. Woo! He was pretty shaky this morning, and needed to be back on oxygen last night and earlier today, so we'll see how things go.

He is so much more like himself now, though, and it's great to see. He's obviously not 100% and he's still having a hard time walking or playing for too long, but he's getting in some nice long naps and lots of vanilla-flavored Boost. Mmmm.

His scars are healing nicely. The one on his neck is a little bumpy, but I think that's absolutely fine. It's a badge of honor, I think. I hope he agrees when he's older. 🙂

If we can keep him off of supplemental oxygen then we can be discharged locally as early as mid-week! He has another trip to the OR in a few days to see how the graft is healing. If it looks good and he's off the Os we can go hang out at the hotel for another week before one last trip to the OR to check on things. Will we make it to Texas by Labor Day? I'm currently taking bets.

Here are a couple of pictures for you.

Photo 1

Photo 2

16 thoughts on “Off the drugs and kickin’ back

  1. So so happy for you guys! I’m going through this with one of my patients – we’re hoping she can get her trach out in the next few months but to get here, it’s been quite the long and strange trip. Without the good drugs. Go Ike man Go!


  2. Wow he is so cute in that picture – it must make you so proud to see him trachless. My kids have tons of scars from their NICU and other surgery days and I also think they are badges of honors also and hope I can get them to see it that way.


  3. What a precious photo and wonderful update! Hoping for your return before Labor Day, and looking forward to meeting your family in person soon!


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