Ike’s birthday was yesterday! His nurses threw him a party with cake and ice cream and a present and balloon and everything. It was so sweet. He was a bit wonky still from having a bronch early in the morning, but he was with it enough to enjoy some ice cream.

The big news is that his airway looked so good we can go home. Like home home – back to Texas! We’ll be back in the ‘Nati in a month for another scope, but until then, we’re headed home.

Ike was discharged yesterday and today has been full of packing. We’re gonna hit the road as soon as we can (slight cases of food poisoning or stomach flu, be damned. It figures my hub and I would both wake up this morning all urpy and discombobulated).




Pictures to come….

22 thoughts on “Whirlwind!

  1. Whoa! I have been away and just got caught up on your posts. (Awesome photos btw- it made me weepy with happiness to see Ike’s smile after all this). You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers. HOW AWESOME THAT YOU ARE GOING HOME! You guys are all amazing! **And Happy Birthday to Ike!**


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