Emmy live blog fail!

Oops. I totally, completely, utterly forgot about the Emmy's (or is it Emmys?)! That, maybe more than anything, shows how wide-eyed and distracted I am these days.

And this is the year Friday Night Lights actually got nominations. Blast!

It is also the year I actually know a real live person who got nominated (shout out to Charles!).

Jimmy Fallon is tipping a 40 to Law & Order right now and that makes me laugh. Maybe I'll just start liveblogging late.

8:32 – Hey! Kyra Sedgwick! I love the Closer. But I am not so much loving her hair that looks like she swam for 16 hours in an over chlorinated pool, slept in a wet french braid and then unbraided it just.in.time. for the show.

8:34 – Also, I am little freaked out by Tina Fey's hair, too, in case you were wondering.

8:45 – I'm not into it, you guys. It's a weird feeling. I'd really rather watch True Blood right now. Plus, Ike is asleep upstairs in our room by himself and I find I have to keep running up there every few minutes to check on him.

8:47 – Everyone looks snarly in their smiling tonight. Very snarly. Maybe it's the fake white teeth and the lighting. Maybe Ricky Gervais is a werewolf.

8:49 – the problem is that if I watch true Blood, I can't pause the show because our DVD player SUCKS ASS. This means I'll miss a lot every time I run upstairs to check on Ike. So, it is the (SHITTY) dvd player's fault that I am apathetically watching Bucky Gunts get an Emmy right now.

8:52 – Maybe I'll just liveblog what I'm thinking right now. 1) Maybe I should get cable for football season 2) The carpet in this room is so disgusting I want to puke on it to improve it 3) Maybe I should get cable so I can watch the Daily Show 4) I need more bookshelves 5) I have no money 6) I just spelled that "meny" at first 7) I wonder if Ike will sleep in his bed longer than 3 hours tonight? 8) I don't really care about 7 because I like snuggling with him 9) This Martin Scorcese Boardwalk Empire show looks pretty cool

9:02 – If I didn't color my hair, George Vlooney and I would HAVE THE SAME HAIR.

9:03 – Clooney, not Vlooney. I don't know who George Vlooney is. Maybe an alien from Vearth?

9:07 – January Jones looks like she's about 19. Is she really that young? Maybe she's a little bit stoned. Does being stoned make you look young? (must look into this)

9:14 – Claire Danes is all grown up! This shouldn't surprise me, because we're the same age. But it still surprises me.

9:15 – Shit, I just looked it up. I am actually older than Claire Danes by 3 years. Now I'm REALLY old, if she's all grown up.

9:17 – I think maybe Jewel has been sucking some helium. It's not nice of me to say that, is it?

9:19 – Hey! Speaking of Gumby, we drove through Cumby, TX on Friday. It made me giggle. Who knew Gumby had a Texas town named after his porn star name?

9:21 – I can't believe I'm not waiting for our night nurse to get here right now.

9:27 – There's a hollywood hot chick sitting next to Jack Kevorkian. Date? Just lucky? I wondering if she is just tweeting the shit out this night?

9:29 – Oh, gosh, watching Claire Danes win an Emmy is like watching a good friend win. So many hours watching My So Called Life…

9:34 – I will admit, though, that even watching Claire Danes win an Emmy doesn't make me stop wishing I could just turn the TV off and read Mockingjay. Might as well stick it out, though. It's over at 10, right?

9:35 – Who AM I?

9:38 – Al Pacino looks like a yard gnome dressed in an all-fitting tux. What up, Al? Is he shrinking or what?

9:42 – I feel like I should be eating something right now. 

9:45 – Do people really refer to their beers as "MGD64s"? For real?

9:49 – I think I might see a nipple. And it is not mine.

9:52 – Maybe I should start watching Mad Men. I tried, couldn't do it. but I'll try again. They just keep winning, dammit. Do I keep fighting it? Is Mad Men the new Borg? Does making that reference explain why it's not my kind of show?

9:57 – And while I'm a little upset to not be able to ogle Tina Fey's weird hair once again, i will say, I'm really happy to see Modern Family win for best comedy series. It's a great show, when I remember to watch it. (Must pay closer attention to the TiVo)

10:00 – Now I read my book and eat a snack! Sorry this was so painful. I'll do better next time. Pinkie swear.

4 thoughts on “Emmy live blog fail!

  1. Considering all you’ve been thru in the last 2 weeks, I think you did great. I went to bed by 9:30 to read. That’s how “into it” I was!
    I’m glad you are all home and safe and healing. Good for you!


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