You’ll never guess, BUT

Ike slept in HIS OWN BED from 8pm to 4am last night.

Can you BELIEVE that?

I give Benadryl a lot of the credit, but even so. Woo hoo! The nights previous to last night, he only lasted a few hours in his bed and then he was in my bed doing his very best to take up the entire King-sized space with kicking legs.

Maybe we'll get some sleep tonight, too. I can't even imagine – two night in a row. What?!

And in other news, Mr. Ike-a-saurus has his first true head cold. He has turned into a gross snotty boy overnight. Usually when he has a cold, we put a bib on him so it can catch all the snot from the trach (gross, yes?), so both of us are unaccustomed to all of the goo emanating from his nose. He's tolerated the myriad Kleenexes well, though. Now I just keep my fingers crossed that it's a quick cold and doesn't settle in his chest. Ugh.

The past few days have been busy visiting with his (former!) home nurses, and with me finishing up a lot of Medicaid paperwork and starting new paperwork for the trip back out to the 'Nati at the end of the month.

Mostly, though, things are quiet around here. Or, not really quiet with three shrieking kids and a barking dog, but you know what I mean. We're still trying to figure out a schedule and there has been a lot of running around back and forth from schools while we try to not be late everyday, but we're slowly figuring it out.

I've been so busy and happy I didn't even notice that I have apparently broken my foot, or my toe, or dislocated my toe, or some such horror. My foot is a lovely rainbow of purples right now, and weirdly, there is a new bruise on the opposite side of my foot, too. Like there wasn't enough room for the first bruise, so another one oozed out on the other side. It's feeling much better today, so maybe I can avoid the x-ray/co-pay/doctor rigmarole that I have come to not look forward to.

Here's to being so busy and excited that you don't even know when you break your foot!

6 thoughts on “You’ll never guess, BUT

  1. So, I’m curious, Kari–how is Ike handling all the change? I’d imagine it’s really weird to no longer have this thing on your throat that, in your mind, you’ve always had, and to now be doing things inside his throat that he’s doing for the first time in forever, like coughing. Is he just rolling with it, or is he weirded out?


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