You will have to excuse my tardiness

I just suddenly realized I haven't blogged in a bunch of days. Doh.

Things are just so crazy busy around here. The Ike-a-saurus is quite a taskmaster when it comes to preventing me from working at my computer. He is relentless. If I could somehow train him to be the opposite way then I would get so much work done. It would be Guinness book worthy, the amount of work I would do while he taskmastered me with his growls and shouts.

As it is, he screams his cute fool head off every time I even approach my computer. Also, he refuses to nap. So this leaves me with, like, 8pm til whenever I pass out (10? 11 if I'm lucky?) to cram in writing a book, blogging, emailing people, watching TV, eating, etc. Sometime, I'm going to have to find a way out of this "routine" because it isn't working out that well.

I'm taking a short break right now from working on my book, just so I can do this. Multi-tasking!

Speaking of multi-tasking, I was informed by the wee-er one today that she can pee and poo AT THE SAME TIME. We marveled over how time-saving this bit of multi-tasking is. Now, if only she could clean and eat at the same time, we'd be golden.

I hate that phrase "we'd be golden". Please strike that from the record. I never said it.

What else can I tell you guys? The wee one is transferring to a new school on Monday. That has been a source of stress and headaches and stomachaches and more stress, but only on my part. The wee one is all for it. I'm the one who's going to have to schlepp across town 600 times a day to make it work. I hope it's worth it. I hope, hope.

Also, apropos to nothing we're talking about here, my downstairs carpet is now so disgusting I might rip it out with own two hands sometime this week. For real. It is foul and gnarly and just plain gross. Does Obama have a flooring stimulation package? Because my floor needs stimulating.

That whole paragraph is super gross.

OK. Yes. I have to get back to my book now. Exciting things are happening. I just hope they're exciting to other people so I can sell this manuscript and buy some new floors.

Most boring blog post ever?

You're welcome.

4 thoughts on “You will have to excuse my tardiness

  1. And here I was thinking you were working on your book for our all-night-write-a-thon. (What, my secretary Turkleton is reading and commenting on blogs as well as answering my email while I work on my ms. None of this pot/kettle nonsense.)


  2. Tell the wee-er one that she made Pop laugh so hard he stepped in Gus’s water bowl, which in turn made us all laugh even harder.


  3. Stanley Steemer? Cheaper than new floors. They do wonders for us, they even were able to remove most of a gallon of purple paint Beadboy1 dropped down the carpeted stairs.


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