I love you, man

I'm having one of those rare moments where I sort of like everybody. I have a mad desire to, like, talk to people and be around them.

I know!


I mean, it's not like I hate people under normal circumstances, because I don't. I just… feel awkward and weird and am full of pauses and jokes no one understands and lots of times I accidentally mumble and people are like, WHAT?! so I have to repeat myself and you know, it's a disaster.

I'm not saying any of those things are different right now, but for some reason they seem less bothersome. PLUS, it turns out I sometimes like to hear what people have to say about stuff. I am also sometimes interested in possibly eating food and/or drinking a beverage with said people and talking about the stuff for which I just spoke of.

Don't worry, though, I'm sure this weirdness will pass. It's probably just part of the whole "holy shit, we can go out into the world again!" feeling that the family is relishing in. Pretty soon we will be back to our old hermit selves, especially when it gets cold and RSV season starts up in full swing.

Until then, though, the beautiful weather, the wee one's new school, getting Ike-a-saurus out to playgrounds and grocery stores… it's all having this cumulative effect of me being all, "Hi, People! What a lovely day, yes?"


So, please disregard the crazy lady who needs a haircut and whose kids have to wear rain boots because she can't seem to muster the energy to buy them new shoes. She is obviously going through a thing of unknown origin. Perhaps this is the other, unspoken side of PTSD. Perhaps she is ovulating. Who knows. Anyway, watch out for her and her shenanigans.

You have be warned.

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