I feel like I should blog

Holy crap, you guys, this month has been INSANE WITH THE BUSY. Things to do here, things to do there, people to talk to, phone calls to make, children to holler at, books to write, books to plan, book to shill. It has been busier than busy at a busyfest.

The good news: Ike-a-saurus is rampaging around like a typical 2-year-old, the wee one has transitioned well to his new school, and the wee-er one has discovered a love for spicy, garlic-infused pickles. I finished draft two of a new book (that will probably need a lot more drafts, but still, yay!), and I have insanely decided to do NaNoWriMo, which, for those of you who don't know, means I have committed to writing a 50,000 word novel entirely in the month of November. Maybe. If I can manage it.

The bad news: not a lot of time for blogging around here.

The news of the future: I'm getting ready to start the super fun times of calling Medicaid Travel every single day and talking to someone new who tells me different things, so that we can get our next trip to the 'Nati planned. We'll be going up there in mid-December so Ike can have a couple of tests done, to make sure his airway is OK, and to see if he can be cleared for thin liquids. Right now we still thicken everything he drinks. Nectar-thickened lemonade? Mmmm.

The news of today: There will be a zombie, a minotaur and a cowboy walking the streets tonight, in search of candy. The minotaur is upset because his face will not be hairy enough. The zombie is upset because she doesn't want messy hair. The cowboy is upset because he doesn't actually want to wear any clothes at all. Just boots. So, when you see the non-hairy minotaur, the perfectly coiffed zombie, and the naked cowboy, be sure to say hello.

The news of my kitchen: I am making pumpkin seeds right now, but I don't think I had enough seeds for the recipe. So, actually, I am making a slurry of butter, oil and salt, with a few seeds mixed in. Still sounds kind of good, though, yes? It smells fantastic.

The news of my ass: it keeps getting bigger, you guys. I don't know what to do about it. Normally, I am not worried about such things, but I feel like lately things have gotten out of control. I even briefly thought about buying an exercise bike, or some kind of DVD on How To Shrink Your Out of Control Ass in 30 Days. I've made no commitments yet, though. The ass and I are still discussing things. Like maybe how I should stop eating homemade slurries of oil and butter and salt.

The news of the hipsters next door: I have yet to see their Halloween costumes, which is very disappointing. However, I have been cleaning up the trail of detritus they leave behind them as they walk past my house to their cars. Beer bottles, skull candy ear buds, Sonic bags. I'm hoping a nice fat joint will fall out of someone's pocket, but so far no luck.

The news of my living room carpet: Still awful and disgusting

One last thing: Go Rangers! Since the Horns have decided to implode on a spectacular scale only known to such things as Death Stars and former child actors, you, the Rangers, are my only hope for Texas sports. Claw! Or Whatever! I don't know what that means!


2 thoughts on “I feel like I should blog

  1. Kari, you’re a beacon of awesome. I envy your multitasking abilities.
    Also, last I checked, your ass was itty bitty. But, I know how ones own ass and the public perception of one’s ass aren’t terribly matching.
    Let me know if you want to come watch a world series game. I have the cable and I hear that it is epic — I haven’t watched baseball post-season since the Yankees/Sox fiasco of 2003.
    Wish I lived in your neighborhood to see your fabulous costumes…I fully expect pics! You’re SuperMom!


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