A lovely morning at the milk bank

Yesterday, Ike-a-saurus and I had the privilege to hang out at the Austin Mother's Milk Bank during a press conference celebrating Preemie Awareness Month, the 100th year of milk banking in the US, and the kick-off to a weekend conference wherein a zillion milk bank directors have descended on Austin to discuss milk banky things.

Ike and I were there so that we could share his story and talk about how human donor milk was critical to saving his life. We also got to talk about how the Austin Milk Bank has a policy where they never turn away a sick baby, even if that sick baby's parents are in financial and insurance limbo and can't afford to pay out-of-pocket for the life-saving milk. We got to talk about our loving community and, with all of the community milk he consumed, how Ike really is an "it takes a village" dude on the inside and the outside.

It was a special morning, and I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to share our story. I can only hope that someone out there sees it and decides to donate milk. The supplies are running a bit low over there and that's never a good thing.

We got all dressed up in a fancy duds so that we would look less slobby than usual. And we are thankful to KXAN for editing out the part where Ike took off his pants and diaper in front of the camera.



And here we are on Fox 7 news, too!



If you love in Austin, keep an eye on News 8 Austin today, i think they're running a story, too. We don't have cable, so we haven't seen it yet, but I will keep stalking the web site.

Yay donor milk! Yay Austin! Yay Mother's Milk Bank!

6 thoughts on “A lovely morning at the milk bank

  1. I love the MMB; donated to them after both babies. I hadn’t realized that they were so few nationwide.
    You and Ike were great; made me cry to watch it!


  2. snnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiffffff! I love Ike!
    Kari, you look amazing!! Never would have guessed about the crouton and baby milk mishap. πŸ˜‰


  3. You are so articulate/well-spoken! Not that that is a surprise given how well you write, but I’m impressed nonetheless. πŸ˜‰ Nice job! PS. Ike keeps getting cuter and cuter!


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